Silicon Valley Trends by Loic Le Meur

With the 2013 edition of LeWeb approaching, Loic Le Meur, co-founder of the Conference, released a presentation of some of the latest trends that will be discussed in Paris, Dec 10-12, 2013. Full programme here including 150 speakers to cover these fascinating trends. Promising!

The next 10 years:

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SNCF takes Paris pedestrians to other European cities

French Railway company SNCF teamed up with ad agency TBWA to create the “Europe, it’s Just Next Door” ad campaign that transports pedestrians to other European cities, simply by opening a door.

The brightly colored doors are placed in public areas around Paris and feature the names of European cities. When opened, the interactive experience begins, “plus vraie que nature”.

Nice execution, fun and engaging. Watch the video to find out more:

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Ahead of the Twitter ($TWTR) IPO

As Twitter prepares to go public  on Nov 15 (source here), take a look at their latest data on finances, users growth, impact on social TV and more.

Ahead of the Twitter IPO an Infographic


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5 Ways to make your LinkedIn Profile Irresistible

> Create a LinkedIn profile, not a Linkedin Novella. Think keywords and SEO.

>  Align your personal brand with who you are and what you showcase.  Think consistency.

> Build bridges between where you started and where you are now. Think storytelling.

> Don’t forget to use a profile picture. Think business portrait (obviously).

> Use your customised url when sending your LinkedIn profile to a recruiter. Think polishing.

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